Monitoring Machine Tools? Don’t Discount DNC

Graphic of how various elements of a factory tie into FactoryWiz Monitoring

Integrating Machine Tool Monitoring with Distributed Numerical Control (DNC) software can augment CNC data collection and can make machine monitoring much more powerful. Standard monitoring systems can “get 90% of the way there” according to Richard Hefner, President of  FactoryWiz Monitoring. In particular, DNC’s ability to connect to the native protocols of multiple controls and […]

We’re Here to Support a Healthy Factory and Workforce in 2020 and Beyond

United Together w/ FactoryWiz

Bill for Unattended Time on Automated Work Centers Many of our customers are currently operating with reduced staff due to a variety of factors, including sick leaves, social distancing mandates, and other government restrictions. Making use of the limited labor available to keep automated machines running is economically sensible, and ideally, we aim for machines […]

FactoryWiz DNC & Monitoring Training Fremont CA – FM Industries

FM Industries, a global provider of precision machine components and other manufacturing solutions, has been integrating FactoryWiz DNC and Monitoring into its Fremont, CA facility. The firm recently sought training from Richard Hefner, Refresh Your Memory’s VP of Engineering and FactoryWiz’s primary developer. This training allowed FM employees from departments such as management, engineering, programming, […]

Industry 4.0 and FactoryWiz Monitoring at Velden Engineering UK

Industry 4.0, also known as the fourth industrial revolution, is a term that encompasses various digital technologies used to create a “Smart Factory”. These factories employ advanced computer systems like FactoryWiz Monitoring to oversee the physical processes of a multitude of machines and applications. The goal is to equip companies with precise and quantifiable data, […]

FactoryWiz Monitoring in action at DP Engineering, UK

FactoryWiz Monitoring has played a vital role at DP Engineering in Redruth UK by providing a powerful monitoring system that allows users to see the productivity of machines with raw data. FactoryWiz Monitoring allows users the tools to monitor whole shop floors effectively and can give a detailed summary of specific processes such as: Watch […]