Industry 4.0 and FactoryWiz Monitoring at Velden Engineering UK

Industry 4.0, also known as the fourth industrial revolution, is a term that encompasses various digital technologies used to create a “Smart Factory”. These factories employ advanced computer systems like FactoryWiz Monitoring to oversee the physical processes of a multitude of machines and applications. The goal is to equip companies with precise and quantifiable data, enabling them to make better-informed business decisions.

A practical example of this approach in action is found in Velden Engineering. Based in Bolton, Lancashire, UK, this family-owned, subcontracting company first ventured into machine monitoring in 2012. However, their initial system, a product from a competitor, failed to deliver the in-depth information required to satisfy their customers’ high expectations and stringent demands.

In 2014, Velden Engineering reassessed its need for a more robust data monitoring system, one capable of working with various machines and processes while providing comprehensive information. As a result, in 2015, FactoryWiz Monitoring was installed by CNC Applications. Since its implementation, it has expanded to monitor a broad range of machines and applications, including automation, laser technology, robots, water jets, punch/benders, IoT devices, and even a tin plating plant.

“The information FactoryWiz provides is both exhaustive and invaluable,” states Austin Kitchen, Velden’s Managing Director. He adds, “It offers us complete visibility across the company.”

Velden Engineering plans to extend the use of FactoryWiz Monitoring to include more conventional machines, such as saws and welding equipment. As an avid proponent of Industry 4.0, the company believes that FactoryWiz Monitoring offers a significant first step towards “sharing the resultant live information with our customers and suppliers.” This concept of interconnected information-sharing systems aligns directly with the vision of Industry 4.0.