Industry 4.0 and FactoryWiz Monitoring at Velden Engineering UK

Industry 4.0 creates what is better known as a “Smart Factory” where a computer system like FactoryWiz Monitoring monitors the physical processes of a wide range of machines and applications to help companies make informed business decisions based on facts and numbers. 

Velden Engineering based in Bolton, Lancashire UK is a family owned, sub-contract company that made its first investment in machine monitoring in 2012 using a competing machine monitoring system and found it to lack in- depth information to meet customer’s expectations and stringent demands. In 2014 Velden reconsidered investing in a data monitoring system that can work with different types of machines and processes and provide detailed information about that system. In 2015 FactoyWiz Monitoring was installed by CNC Applications and has grown to populate most machines and applications which include automation, laser technology, robots, water jets, punch/benders, IoT and a tin plating plant. “The information which FactoryWiz gives us is complete and invaluable, plus it allows us total visibility across the company.” says Managing Director, Austin Kitchen. 

The next expansion will include adding FactoryWiz Monitoring to more conventional machines such as saws and welding equipment. Velden Engineering believes that FactoryWiz Monitoring provides the first step towards “sharing the resulting information live into our customers’ and suppliers’ systems, which is a key aim of the Industry 4.0 vision”

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