Visualize Critical Production Data with FactoryWiz Monitoring

Visualizing Machine Data

Tony Gunn talks with Paul Cawley, the Production Engineer Lead at Phillips Precision Medicraft. The guys talk Smart Machine Monitoring and FactoryWiz Monitoring.

How Phillips Precision Utilizes Machine Monitoring

“We never knew when a machine went down until we installed FactoryWiz “

Phillips Precision – Owner – John Phillips

Why W Machine Works Chose

Machine Monitoring

“We needed a way to figure out how our machines were cutting, and we needed raw data to help us understand what was happening on the shop floor”

W Machine – Owner – Marzel Neckien 

Why FactoryWiz?

Use live shop floor production data to quickly identify deficient areas requiring process improvement. 

FactoryWiz Monitoring provides current and historical shop floor productivity tracking with diagnostic details for each work center. Connect machines, people, and other (ERP) manufacturing systems. 

How W Machine Works Uses

FactoryWiz Monitoring

“Every day we look at the ‘Condensed Uptime Report’, and we’re looking at data directly from the spindle. We look at how we did yesterday, and what do we need to work on today “

W Machine – Owner – Marzel Neckien 

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