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It’s what many call the “Smart Factory”.  In short, it’s an Ethernet connected factory using software systems like FactoryWiz Monitoring. Collect activity status on assets such as CNC machines, robots or assembly lines and present real-time non-biased information. Thus, allowing management to take immediate corrective action as well as make future informed decisions based on historical facts.

FactoryWiz Machine Monitoring is a complete turn-key intranet monitoring solution. All collected activity status is automatically timed stamped by the attached machine/asset. Also, gathered records can be displayed in real-time on interactive dashboards on any web enabled device.  Additionally, historical reports can be executed on demand or automatically scheduled for e-mail delivery.

FactoryWiz Dashboards on a Screen, phone, and tablet

industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 (IoT) provides complete shop floor visibility through full machine/event monitoring and managed file transfers on your plant-wide network.  Share this information with all consumers on the network, including ERP or other MES systems.

Visualize critical machine data in real time via interactive charts, graphs, e-mails and text alerts from any web-enabled device or PC anywhere in the world. Furthermore, front line managers receive live insight to streamline workflow/operations and executives can analyze historical report metrics online, on demand, or via scheduled e-mail.

How To Improve Production Uptime?


FactoryWizTV provides a real-time activity of machine events. This includes machine production status such as running, paused, Idle, alarm based on current day or shift.  Also, information displayed can include operation modes such as Set-up, Maintenance, or Off-line/not scheduled.

With a quick glance, critical production data for the current shift or day can provide immediate feedback to operators, supervisors, and managers to drive competition and maintain or exceed production targets.

Dashboard views are subjective and unique to each application.  Because of this, we provide samples where our business partners can select details important to the way the operate.

A wealth of information is available from your machines, readable with a glance from almost any device with a web browser. Information presented in FactoryWiz Dashboards may include:

  • Mode (Production / Setup / Maintenance)
  • Machine Uptime / OEE
  • Active Job / Work Order
  • Part name
  • Part count
  • Idle reasons
  • Feed / Rapid / Spindle override dialsF
2 images of FactoryWiz shop view dashboards with graphs are reports
FactoryWizTV | Shop Channel | Machine Monitoring

FactoryWiz Monitoring has several helpful pre-defined reports to track productivity. Compare collected information based on shift, job number, part number, parts produced, individual machine or machine groups/department.  Also, all reports are open and customizable using Crystal Reports, Power BI, or export to Excel.   

Furthermore, available reports also break down common idle reasons, alarms and alarm messages messages, and tool and workpiece offsets showing old and new values along with the timestamp of the change.   Additionally, FactoryWiz reports can be generated on demand as well as automatically e-mailed at user defined intervals using predefined settings and filters.

Alert Notifications

As a production manager, it can be difficult to keep track of everything. Having alerts where you can take immediate corrective action can save time, money and keep production on target. With FactoryWiz Monitoring alert notifications, you can receive important machine status alerts with automatic e-mail notifications or text messages.

If your machine enters into an alarm state you can receive a text message or e-mail letting you know the machine is idle due to an alarm or other variable watch.  This is an extremely valuable tool while running light out or unattended over a long weekend. Additionally, other popular notifications may include part count, unfulfilled maintenance tasks and alerts of pre-defined alarms or variables.

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Machine Monitoring Device
FactoryWiz ERP/MES

ERP/MES Integration

FactoryWiz Monitoring is an ideal platform for connecting to custom data exchange applications. The system comes with a complete .NET API encompassing everything that the system does internally. The FactoryWiz Monitoring API is clearly enumerated and makes it extremely easy to write C# or VB.NET applications for interaction other systems.

In addition to the .NET DLL, most functionality is also offered via SOAP Web Service for access in a variety of other web architectures and programming systems, such as Java.

Behind FactoryWiz lies your MariaDB database which you can access directly for more powerful queries using any application aware of MariaDB or which can take advantage of MariaDB’s ODBC Connector functionality.


The primary function of the OperatorConnect is for bidirectional exchange of information.  FactoryWiz Monitoring automatically time stamps all activity.  The only thing it does not know is “why” the machine is idle for extended period time.  When this happens, we rely on operators to input the “why” reasons.  When a stoppage event occurs, the tablet or PC automatically presents a list of user defined downtime reasons in large easy to use buttons.   Once the reason is identified, the OperatorConnect returns to normal mode where the operator can view current work status, download DNC programs, and ask for assistance from supervisors, maintenance, programming, etc.

The new OperatorConnect Interface allows customers to easily customize the user Interface to their specific requirements.  Tablet and PC displays are subjective and rather than make a unique build for each customer, FactoryWiz developed a widget-based system where users can customize the look and feel by adding and sizing widgets from a select list.  Once defined, templates can be saved and later used for single applications or multiple groups of machines or processes.

Shop worker standing in front of a machine with a FactoryWiz tablet above it.
Graphic of a laptop and phone with factory wiz data and alert sign, calendar, and clock

preventive maintenance

Tracking machine on hours or runtime hours for maintenance purposes can be time consuming.  As a result, many machine shops perform the same maintenance on every machine, month after month, regardless of actual utilization. FactoryWiz Monitoring can simplify wear-based PM by keeping track of run-time and power-on-time for you and sending automatic notifications of an upcoming machine PM.

Operator-performed PM will generate a prompt on their tablet display while more complex maintenance notifications will be emailed to maintenance supervisors or show upcoming and past due events on large dashboards in the support area.  Flag the entry as recurring and the system will reset the notification automatically after each instance is performed.

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Many of our competitors will only allow you to utilize machine monitoring on a subscription plan, which will cost your business much more in the long run.

FactoryWiz is purchased (with a permanent license) and installed on your own server/equipment. You own the data. With the software and data stored on your server, you and your team control it, control access to it, and the security of it. No firewall issues!

FactoryWiz MSP (Maintenance & Support Program) is an optional program allowing you to get free updates, new reports, and free phone support as well as discounted onsite support.

FactoryWiz offers unparalleled support, with over 40 years of expertise with a personal touch to ensure your monitoring system excels. Our dedicated team provides timely, efficient assistance, emphasizing the importance of human connection in every interaction. We understand your manufacturing needs, enabling us to offer tailored support that builds lasting partnerships. With a focus on honesty, loyalty, and comprehensive product knowledge, we’re not just supporting your operations; we’re committed to your success. Discover how our dedicated support can transform your manufacturing experience.

FactoryWiz offers its perpetual Full Feature Monitoring license (including DNC) at $1995 per seat. By opting for perpetual ownership, manufacturers can enjoy ongoing benefits without recurring subscription expenses in perpetuity.

Compared to subscription-based models charging up to $125 or more per machine per month for an all-inclusive feature set, our perpetual license entails a higher initial cost but proves more cost-effective in the long run. 

Volume discounts are available.

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