We’re Here to Support a Healthy Factory and Workforce in 2020 and Beyond

Bill for Unattended Time on Automated Work Centers

Many of our customers are currently operating with reduced staff due to a variety of factors, including sick leaves, social distancing mandates, and other government restrictions. Making use of the limited labor available to keep automated machines running is economically sensible, and ideally, we aim for machines to be operational 24/7.

However, an ERP system usually only records time when someone manually logs in or out of a job. Accurately tracking and billing for time when a job is running during an unattended period can be challenging. The result is that many shops are under-billing for unattended time, thereby losing potential revenue.

FactoryWiz offers a solution by tracking the productivity of all unattended assets. It enables accurate time tracking and cross-referencing with work orders in your ERP system for correct job costing.

Keep Remote Management in the Loop

The current safety precautions have resulted in older workers and management staff working remotely. Whether this is due to health concerns or government mandates, FactoryWiz can help. Using any web-enabled device, management can monitor all machine operations and access real-time production data. Messages can also be pushed out to machine operators or displayed on factory dashboards.

FactoryWiz operates within your IT mandates as it is both web-based and company-owned. This offers you complete control over your data, its accessibility, and compliance with all industry and government requirements.

Give a Hand to Workers Who May Be Stretched Thin

In situations where operators are managing multiple machines due to staff shortages, FactoryWiz can be an invaluable tool. It helps these workers by providing shop dashboards that monitor an entire cell of machines at once and sends alerts based on pre-programmed events. This feature facilitates efficient communication between departments, saving valuable time.

Let Us Help You

During these times, our 100% US-based technicians are unable to physically visit customer sites for new installations. However, they’re set up to conduct as much work as possible remotely for newer equipment. They can get FactoryWiz installed promptly, providing you with necessary tools when you need them the most.

We also aim to invest in your future. After initial installation, our technicians are available to help you with any custom dashboards or tablet interfaces you may need. We offer these customization services free of charge.

For our customers in the USA, we also offer flexible plans to ensure long-term beneficial investments during these challenging times. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you need further assistance. We’re here to help.

Here’s to overcoming this challenge and getting back to business.

Rich Hefner, Vice-President, FactoryWiz