FactoryWiz DNC & Monitoring Training Fremont CA – FM Industries

FactoryWiz monitoring demonstration class room

FM Industries, a global provider of precision machine components and other manufacturing solutions, has been integrating FactoryWiz DNC and Monitoring into its Fremont, CA facility. The firm recently sought training from Richard Hefner, Refresh Your Memory’s VP of Engineering and FactoryWiz’s primary developer.

This training allowed FM employees from departments such as management, engineering, programming, and machine operation to explore FactoryWiz’s product range and capabilities. They were also able to pose questions about their department-specific challenges.

A highlight of the training was the demonstration of the new FactoryWiz Monitoring Tablet interface. This interface combines precise OEE figures with an intuitive touchscreen, designed with user-friendliness in mind. It allows operators to view and input important data at their workstations, thanks to customizable widgets, color coding, and custom profiles.

Programmers learned about the variables that enhance data tracking for FactoryWiz Monitoring and how to program for specific machines and controller types.

For more information about FactoryWiz DNC & Monitoring, or to schedule a training session for your team, please contact (408)224-9167 or email support@factoryWiz.com.