Industry 4.0 IOT Podcast

Smart Factory Technology: How Machine Monitoring improves shop floor efficiency, productivity and profits.

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Our very own Ben Groves sat down with Tom Reed of the American Lean Weekday Podcast to discuss the power of FactoryWiz Monitoring. Listen to “Industry 4.0 IOT with FactoryWiz” and learn how FactoryWiz Monitoring gathers critical production data for the current shift or day to provide immediate feedback to operators, supervisors and managers to drive competition and exceed production targets.

The smart factory technology at FactoryWiz Machine Monitoring shows how much visibility matters when dealing with productivity data. FactoryWiz Monitoring is capable of driving large format TV’s and monitors mounted in your machine shop or in office areas. In most cases, having information visible in a common area will have an immediate positive effect on productivity as information about how long machines have been down and why gets utilized by operators and management alike. Our production monitoring system increases CNC efficiency while collecting valuable CNC data. Machine Monitoring is built to improve machine uptime, OEE, identify operation bottlenecks, and improve overall production.