FactoryWiz President, Richard Hefner, and Tony Gunn talk "Lights Out Manufacturing" at the Selway Open House 2022

“We’re working with a lot of customers who have automation to give them dashboards before they leave on Friday afternoon, look at all of the tool groups and machines….and we give them a dashboard where they can see all of that across all the machines they want to run “lights out”.  

-Richard Hefner

FactoryWiz President

Automated Production with FactoryWiz

Lights Out Manufacturing Explained

Many of us in the manufacturing industry have heard of or even implemented “lights out manufacturing” where a machine would be set up and run unattended at night or weekends.

During the past couple years, the “lights out manufacturing” practice has used more than ever. For example, if you have long cycles, robot/pallet loaders or machines with bar feeders, there is no reason you can’t set them up to run “lights out” 24/7. FactoryWiz Monitoring provides live production details anywhere to any web enabled devise such as a mobile unit, tablet or PC.

FactoryWiz can send you notifications on such items as completed parts, alarms, etc.  so, managers, supervisors, and operators can take appropriate action to remedy the task while minimizing social exposure.

FactoryWiz is a Web Based machine monitoring system providing live status activity 24/7 to unlimited users. Anyone with a web enabled device can get up to the minute status.

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