Benchmark’s Precision Technology Group Finding Capacity with FactoryWiz Monitoring

two workers looking into a machine one with a tablet both wearing blue uniforms with safety goggles and helmets

Benchmark’s Precision Technology Group Finding Capacity with FactoryWiz Monitoring Recently published in CNC West. Precision Technology has deployed FactoryWiz Machine Monitoring systems on it’s advanced CNC machining centers throughout the facilities. There are well over 100 machine tied into monitoring. ““If a machine is down for a certain amount of time, a message is sent […]

“Lights Out Manufacturing” at Selway Open House

Factory worker with a yellow safety hat on punching buttons on a machine while standing up.

FactoryWiz President, Richard Hefner, and Tony Gunn talk “Lights Out Manufacturing” at the Selway Open House 2022 “We’re working with a lot of customers who have automation to give them dashboards before they leave on Friday afternoon, look at all of the tool groups and machines….and we give them a dashboard where they can see […]

Mold Shop Invests in Machine Monitoring

Worker in a factory holding a tablet looking at the camera with a white safety hat on

Mold Shop Invests in Smart Machine Monitoring Request More Info Why a Mold Shop Invests in Monitoring? In business since 1892, Freeman has evolved and grown over that time. Part of that evolution was the investment in Machine Monitoring. “We’re investing not only in the equipment, but the people and the software upfront to try […]

Phillips Precision Invests in Smart Machine Monitoring

FactoryWiz Machine Monitoring and Phillips Precision Medicraft

Phillips Precision Medicraft invests in Machine Monitoring  Video Case Study Phillips Precision Medicraft invests in Smart Machine Monitoring. “It’s a big step in the final frontier in LEAN manufacturing and LEAN accounting”, said John Phillips, President, Implants and Instrumentation Division.  Visualizing Machine Data Tony Gunn talks with Paul Cawley, the Production Engineer Lead at Phillips […]

What is Machine Monitoring?

Shop worker standing in front of a machine with a FactoryWiz tablet above it.

Machine Monitoring equips you with the ability to track your machines’ activities in real time and accumulate valuable data to enhance machine uptime and overall efficiency. Our manufacturing monitoring system enables production managers to analyze critical production data in real time via interactive dashboards, charts, graphs, e-mails, and text messages from any web-enabled device. Enhancing […]