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What is Machine Monitoring?

Machine Monitoring gives you the ability to see what your machines are doing in real time, and collect valuable machine data to improve machine uptime and improve overall machine efficiency. Our manufacturing monitoring system allows production managers to analyze critical production data in real time via interactive dashboards, charts, graphs, e-mails and text messages from any web enabled device.

When it comes to productivity data, visibility matters. FactoryWiz Monitoring is capable of driving large format TV’s and monitors mounted in your machine shop or in office areas. In most cases, having information visible in a common area will have an immediate positive effect on productivity as information about how long machine have been down and why gets utilized by operators and management alike. Our production monitoring system increases machine efficiency while collecting valuable machine data. Machine Monitoring is built to improve machine uptime, OEE, identify operation bottlenecks, and improve overall production.

Our Industry 4.0 provides complete shop floor visibility through full machine/event monitoring and managed file transfers on your plant-wide network to improve machine efficiency. It’s what many call the “Smart Factory”, where computer software systems like FactoryWiz monitor physical processes such as CNC machines, robots, or assembly lines and present real-time information allowed management to make better decisions based on facts. This information is shared with all customers on the network, including ERP and MRP systems. Manufacturing monitoring is a must have in today economic climate, and especially now, machine efficiency is critical for success.

Our timeline view offers a concise 24-hour snapshot of what one or all machines have been doing over a 24-hour period. The FactoryWiz color coded graphs show when a machine was running or idle, while superimposed lines show the position of override dials at that time. Quickly see if a machine was running for three hours while the feed override was at 10%, or if a set of machines all goes idle at the same time of day. Receive automated daily, weekly, monthly OEE reports. Compare based on machine, department, shift, or part produced.

One important feature often requested is a custom Machine Operator tablet with standardized company look-and-feel. The primary function of the Operator Tablet is for bidirectional exchange of information such as On Pace/Off Pace production status, light maintenance reminders, interaction with Quality Department and, most importantly, as a tool for operations to input downtime “why” reasons that are defined by management and displayed as large buttons for operators to easily access.

All these production monitoring metrics are available in real time on any web-enabled device anywhere in the world. FactoryWiz Machine Monitoring will show you the state of all your machines or just a subset. Are they running or idle, and for how long? Is there an alarm? Which one? Has the feed rate override dial been adjusted from 100%? Perhaps you are more interested in the current part name and count. There is a wealth of information available from your machines and here it will be boiled down into a simple list which can be read with a glance from almost any device with a web browser.


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