Alert Notifications & PM

Alert Notifications & Preventive Maintenance with FactoryWiz Monitoring

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The world has moved further into the digital age and monitoring your manufacturing floor has become increasingly important. As a production manager, it can be difficult to keep track of everything, so having alerts/notifications where you can take immediate corrective action can save time, money and keep production on target.

With FactoryWiz Monitoring alert notifications, you can receive important machine status alerts with automatic e-mail notifications or text messages. If your CNC enters into an alarm state you can receive a text message or e-mail letting you know the machine is idle due to an alarm or other variable watch.  This is an extremely valuable tool while running light out or unattended over a long weekend. Other popular notifications may include part count, unfulfilled maintenance tasks and notifications of pre-defined alarms or variables.

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Preventive Maintenance (PM) is an important part of facilities management. It can be time consuming to keep track of machine on-hours or run-hours for maintenance purpose, so many machine shops give up and perform the same maintenance on every machine, month after month, regardless of actual utilization.

FactoryWiz Monitoring can simplify maintenance tasks by keeping track of run-time and power-on-time for you and sending automatic messages when a machine is due or nearing a PM task.  Daily PM procedures performed by operators are automatically displayed on the machine tablet while more complex maintenance notifications can be automatically e-mailed or displayed on large screen dashboards to the maintenance department/staff.  Once completed, recurring maintenance tasks are automatically reset and e-mailed or displayed at next due date.

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Advantages of preventive maintenance notifications include:

  • Improve machine uptime
  • Reduce production overtime
  • Reduce repair spending
  • View history and reduce common downtime events