Lights Out Manufacturing

FactoryWiz Monitoring Allows For Lights Out Manufacturing.

As we speak with our customers and prospects regarding current market conditions due to the global virus many are indicating that they need to fulfill order and machines are running.

However, they have implemented mandated remote work from home and social distancing policies.

In order to protect their employees many front office and support staff are not allowed on onsite.  FactoryWiz Monitoring can be used to accelerate remote work for those where it’s not possible to be on-premise. 

Many of us in the manufacturing industry have heard of or even implemented “lights out manufacturing” where a machine would be set up and run unattended at night or weekends.

Lights out Manufacturing

During the past few months, this practice has used more than ever. For example, if you have long cycles, robot/pallet loaders or machines with bar feeders, there is no reason you can’t set them up to run “lights out” 24/7. FactoryWiz Monitoring provides live production details anywhere to any web enabled devise such as a mobile unit, tablet or PC.

FactoryWiz can send you notifications on such items as completed parts, alarms, etc.  so, managers, supervisors, and operators can take appropriate action to remedy the task while minimizing social exposure.

FactoryWiz is a Web Based machine monitoring system providing live status activity 24/7 to unlimited users. Anyone with a web enabled device can get up to the minute status.

What will you need:

If you don’t already one, set up a virtual private network (VPN) for employees who will be working from home or monitoring shop status.

Or, if that is not possible, setup a remote desktop session where you could actually control your work PC from your home computer or tablet.

Set up a permanent Zoom, GoToMetting, session.

Set up automatic e-mail or text notification based on your requirements.

We can assist you with remote installations.

-Domenic Lanzillotta

VP Sales

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