FactoryWiz Machine Monitoring 40th Anniversary

Reflecting Back

As FactoryWiz celebrates it’s 40th anniversary we are proud to reflect on our journey from a startup in 1983 to becoming an industry leader in machine monitoring and optimization. Our commitment to excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction has been unwavering, and we’re grateful for the trust our global customer base has placed in us.

FactoryWiz v23 Machine Monitoring

Over the past four decades, we’ve navigated significant industry shifts. From the dawn of computers on the shop floor, to the evolution of native machine monitoring for enhanced efficiency. Partnerships with Hitachi Seiki, Kitamura, and the Society of Manufacturing Engineers have been instrumental in solidifying our position in the machine tool industry.

John Hosmon, FactoryWiz Founder

Reflecting back, FactoryWiz founder and Chairman of the Board, John H. Hosmon, highlights pivotal turning points for the company over these last 40 years. John reflects back to times of mastering day-to-day operations and adapting to global events like the 2008 economic recession and the health of the industry after September 11, 2001. John’s trade show philosophy, “If the show isn’t working for you, then work the show” encapsulates our proactive, customer-centric approach, emphasizing honesty, transparency, and the value of seizing opportunity.

The Next Chapter of FactoryWiz

To mark our 40th year, we’re thrilled to introduce the V23 of our flagship monitoring software product, FactoryWiz Monitoring & DNC. This state-of-the-art offering facilitates seamless integration with most ERP systems, delivering insightful reports, charts, and graphs that empower shop owners to make data driven decisions for their business.

Looking ahead, our vision is not just to be the best but to be unparalleled in our domain. John’s advice to “go all in” mirrors the dedication and tenacity that has driven FactoryWiz’s success in the past, and we intend to carry that into this next chapter.