Pet Adoption Updates

Quailman: Adopted!

Updated: December, 2021

Quailman finally got his lucky break this week. Quailman was a great cat – friendly to all other felines, timid but sweet with people. He lived in a window room and acted as the big brother to singleton kittens while he stayed with his – they would be placed with him to learn the ropes of how to be a cat. After watching all his kitten buddies find their homes, it was his turn!

FactoryWiz Quailman

Cedar: Adopted!

Updated: November, 2021

Cedar was adopted over the weekend! He’s going home to be spoiled as the constant companion of his retired mama. Cedar was an extremely energetic dog (comes with the breed), and interacting with his adoptive mother was the first time they saw him slow down. He went into a zen mode in her arms.

Dennis: Adopted!

Updated: August, 2021

Dennis has been adopted by a wonderful family! The mother is a certified vet tech who volunteers on a vet surgery team and has done so for years.

He was the last of his litter but we are so happy he found a great home.

FactoryWiz Adoption Dennis

Aurora: Adopted!

Updated: June, 2021

Excited to share that our friend Aurora has been adopted! While her new family did not want to have their photo taken with her, they did allow us to share that they are a young couple who came to Heartland specifically to meet Aurora. She will be the only cat in the home and be spoiled like the princess she believes herself to be.

FactoryWiz Pet Adoptions

Severus: Adopted!

Updated: April 27, 2021

Excited to share that our friend Severus has been adopted. This social butterfly is already delighting his new owners.

From his adopters: “Hello! We just adopted Severus¬† today and wanted to let you know how much we love him already! He is so sweet and cuddly.. He has been amazing and he is adapting so well and very fast on his first day. Thanks for everything you all do to take care of all the animals you have and for helping us get our new sweet boy!”

Zoey: Adopted!

Updated: March 15, 2021

Earlier this month we decided to sponsor a local dog,  Zoey, from the heartland humane society here in Corvallis. 

Zoey was recently adopted by a lovely family whose daughter is in love and absolutely thrilled to grow up with her new best friend.

FactoryWiz Adopt a Dog

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