FactoryWiz Monitoring is a tool for shop floor transparency and collaboration


Live Critical Machine Data

Live Dashboards

FactoryWiz Machine Monitoring Devices

visualize live data

Visualize critical machine data in real-time via interactive dashboards, charts, graphs, e-mails and text messages from any web enabled device.

generate reports

Receive automated daily, weekly, monthly oee reports. Compare based on machine, department, shift, or part produced.

email & Text Notifications

Receive alert notifications on any web enabled device. Alarms, part count, machine conditions and maintenance schedules.

Identify Problems

Identify operation bottlenecks and production improvement opportunities with our smart monitoring system.

What is FactoryWiz?

FactoryWiz has one of the largest machine connection libraries in the industry. While most newer equipment utilize industry standard connections such as Fanuc Focus, MT Connect or OPC-UA, FactoryWiz also excels at hooking up to older equipment that was never designed to be monitored.

Compatible with:

CNC Machines – Additive Machines – Robots – Fabrication Equip – Furnaces – Compressors – Process PLC’s – Other shop assets…

FactoryWiz Monitoring has several helpful pre-defined reports to track productivity. Compare collected information based on shift, job number, part number, parts produced, individual machine or machine groups/department.  All reports are open and customizable using Crystal Reports, Power BI, or export to Excel.   

Included available reports also break down common idle reasons, alarms and alarm messages messages, and tool and workpiece offsets showing old and new values along with the timestamp of the change.   FactoryWiz reports can be generated on demand as well as automatically e-mailed at user defined intervals using predefined settings and filters.

Improved Shop Floor Metrics

1 %
1 %

reports and alerts

  • Utilize reports to compare collected information based on shift, job number, part number, parts produced, individual machine or machine groups/department. Viewing live and historical production reports are key to finding efficiency improvement opportunities.
  • If your machine enters into an alarm state, activate alerts to receive a text message or e-mail letting you know the machine is idle due to an alarm or other variable watch.  This is an extremely valuable tool while running light out or unattended over a long weekend.

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Why Smart Machine Monitoring

“We needed a way to figure out how our machines were cutting, and we needed raw data to help us understand what was happening on the shop floor”   

-Marzel Neckien

Owner W Machine Works Inc.

Shop Floor Operator Tablets or PC

The primary function of the Operator Tablet or PC is for bidirectional exchange of information.  FactoryWiz Monitoring automatically time stamps all activity.  The only thing it does not know is “why” the machine is idle for extended period time.  When this happens, we rely on operators to input the “why” reasons.  When a stoppage event occurs, the tablet or PC automatically presents a list of user defined downtime reasons in large easy to use buttons.   Once the reason is identified, the tablet/PC returns to normal mode where the operator can view current work status, download DNC programs, and ask for assistance from supervisors, maintenance, programming, etc.

The new Flexible Tablet Interface allows customers to easily customize the User Interface to their specific requirements.  Tablet and PC displays are subjective and rather than make a unique build for each customer, FactoryWiz developed a widget-based system where users can customize look and feel by adding and sizing widgets from a select list.  Once defined, templates can be saved and later used for single applications or multiple groups of machines or processes.

ERP/MES Integration

FactoryWiz Monitoring is an ideal platform for connecting to custom data exchange applications. The system comes with a complete .NET API encompassing everything that the system does internally. The FactoryWiz Monitoring API is clearly enumerated and makes it extremely easy to write C# or VB.NET applications for  interaction other systems.

In addition to the .NET DLL, most functionality is also offered via SOAP Web Service for access in a variety of other web architectures and programming systems, such as Java.

Behind FactoryWiz lies your MySQL database which you can access directly for more powerful queries using any application aware of MySQL or which can take advantage of MySQL’s ODBC Connector functionality.

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