Production Reporting On The Shop Floor

Every day, W Machine Works uses FactoryWiz to automatically email staff the ‘Condensed Uptime Report’. “It (the report) goes out to all my managers, the programmers, the engineers, and we’re all looking at the same raw data. That’s data that comes directly from the spindle, so there’s no guesswork. We look at how did we do yesterday, and what do we need to work on today.”

Marzel Neckien

Owner W Machine Works Inc.

Utilizing Reports with Machine Monitoring

Included available reports break down common idle reasons, alarms and alarm messages, and tool and workpiece offsets showing old and new values along with the timestamp of the change. FactoryWiz reports can be generated on demand as well as automatically e-mailed at user defined intervals using predefined settings and filters.

FactoryWiz Monitoring has several helpful pre-defined reports to track productivity. Compare collected information based on shift, job number, part number, parts produced, individual machine or machine groups/department.  All reports are open and customizable using Crystal Reports, Power BI, or export to Excel.

reports and alerts

  • Utilize reports to compare collected information based on shift, job number, part number, parts produced, individual machine or machine groups/department. Viewing live and historical production reports are key to finding efficiency improvement opportunities.
  • If your machine enters into an alarm state, activate alerts to receive a text message or e-mail letting you know the machine is idle due to an alarm or other variable watch.  This is an extremely valuable tool while running light out or unattended over a long weekend.

What is FactoryWiz?

visualize live data

Visualize critical machine data in real-time via interactive dashboards, charts, graphs, e-mails and text messages from any web enabled device.

generate reports

Receive automated daily, weekly, monthly oee reports. Compare based on machine, department, shift, or part produced.

email & Text Notifications

Receive alert notifications on any web enabled device. Alarms, part count, machine conditions and maintenance schedules.

Identify Problems

Identify operation bottlenecks and production improvement opportunities with our smart monitoring system.

Machine Monitoring Devices

FactoryWiz has one of the largest machine connection libraries in the industry. While most newer equipment utilize industry standard connections such as Fanuc Focus, MT Connect or OPC-UA, FactoryWiz also excels at hooking up to older equipment that was never designed to be monitored.

Compatible with:

CNC Machines – Additive Machines – Robots – Fabrication Equip – Furnaces – Compressors – Process PLC’s – Other shop assets…

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Monitoring Guides Management Decisions

“We’re investing not only in the equipment, but the people and the software upfront to try and program the equipment, so that when we turn in loose, it runs and runs unattended, and you can see the tool and pallet changers on these big machines”   

-Mike Mullholland

COO- Freeman

Why FactoryWiz?

FactoryWiz CNC Machine Data Monitoring

Many of our competitors will only allow you to utilize machine monitoring on a subscription plan, which will cost your business much more in the long run.

FactoryWiz is purchased (with a permanent license) and installed on your own server/equipment. You own the data. With the software and data stored on your server, you and your team control it, control access to it, and the security of it. No firewall issues!

FactoryWiz MSP (Maintenance & Support Program) is an optional program allowing you to get free updates, new reports, and free phone support as well as discounted onsite support.

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