Large Screen Dashboards provide a real-time activity of machine events. This includes machine production status such as running, paused, Idle, alarm based on current day or shift.  Additional information displayed may also include operation modes such as Set-up, Maintenance, or Off-line/not scheduled.

With a quick glance critical production data for the current shift or day can provide immediate feedback to operators, supervisors, and managers to drive competition and maintain or exceed production targets.

Dashboard views are subjective and unique to each application.  As such we provide samples where our business partners can select details important to the way the operate.

There is a wealth of information available from your machines which can be read with a glance from almost any device with a web browser. Information presented in FactoryWiz Dashboards may include:

  • Mode (Production / Setup / Maintenance)
  • Machine Uptime / OEE
  • Active Job / Work Order
  • Part name
  • Part count
  • Idle reasons
  • Feed / Rapid / Spindle override dials