FactoryWiz Flexible Tablet Interface

FactoryWiz continues to innovate and offer new features that address common challenges faced in the industry. One such feature, often requested, is a customizable Machine Operator Tablet that incorporates a standardized company aesthetic.

The newly developed FactoryWiz Flexible Tablet Interface offers customers the ability to easily tailor the User Interface to meet their unique needs. Recognizing that the displays on tablets and PCs are subjective, FactoryWiz has shifted from creating unique builds for each customer to a more adaptable, widget-based system. This system allows users to customize the look and feel of their interface by adding and adjusting widgets from a select list. Users can then save these templates for future use, applicable to either single applications or multiple groups of machines or processes.

The main purpose of the Operator Tablet or PC is to facilitate bidirectional exchange of information. To help with this, FactoryWiz Monitoring automatically timestamps all activities. The only aspect it doesn’t track is the “why” behind an extended idle time for the machine. In such cases, the system relies on the operators to input reasons. Whenever a stoppage event occurs, the tablet or PC automatically presents a list of user-defined downtime reasons in large, easy-to-use buttons. After the operator identifies the reason for the stoppage, the tablet/PC reverts to its normal mode. Here, the operator can monitor the current work status, download DNC programs, assess whether operations are on or off pace, and request assistance from supervisors, maintenance, programming, and more.