FactoryWiz Releases New Flexible Tablet Interface

FactoryWiz continues to expand with new features that solve common challenges. One important feature often requested is a custom Machine Operator Tablet with standardized company look-and-feel. The new Flexible Tablet Interface allows customers to easily customize the User Interface to their specific requirements.  Tablet and PC displays are subjective and rather than make a unique build for each customer, FactoryWiz developed a widget-based system where users can customize look and feel by adding and sizing widgets from a select list.  Once defined, templates can be saved and later used for single applications or multiple groups of machines or processes.

The primary function of the Operator Tablet or PC is for bidirectional exchange of information.  FactoryWiz Monitoring automatically time stamps all activity.  The only thing it does not know is “why” the machine is idle for extended period time.  When this happens, we rely on operators to input the “why” reasons.  When a stoppage event occurs, the tablet or PC automatically presents a list of user defined downtime reasons in large easy to use buttons.   Once the reason is identified, the tablet/PC returns to normal mode where the operator can view current work status, On Pace/Off Pace, download DNC programs, and ask for assistance from supervisors, maintenance, programming, etc.