CNC Data Feeds Make Social Distancing Easier – Modern Machine Shop

Author: Matt Danford

Date: June 9, 2020.

CNC Data Feeds Make Social Distancing Easier – Modern Machine Shop


Video featured from Optimize Technologies, Oregon City, OR.

Matt Danford takes a look at how this Industrial Machine Monitoring System helps work remotely, avoid close contact on the shop floor and prevent under-billing for lights-out machining.

He writes, “Adapting hasn’t been as easy for those I write about, but there are tools at their disposal. For instance, automation has helped machine shops practice what is effectively a form of social distancing for years. And, not unlike the digital tools I use to connect with the office, machine monitoring systems can make these shops even better equipped for an era when lights-out machining is about safety as well as economics.

Perhaps the most obvious advantage of the technology is the capability to monitor equipment remotely, from any web-enabled device. Additionally, with this production monitoring system,  automated text or email alerts tied to user-specific conditions — machine alarms, temperature thresholds or tool life thresholds — keep planners updated on what’s happening in the shop from the comfort of their homes (or anywhere). “Some companies make their server accessible through the internet with a secure login,” Mr. Lanzillotta says. “Other companies mandate a VPN or remote screen mirror connection to comply with ITAR or other government and industry requirements.”

Check out the link below to read the full article and how machine efficiency and smart factory technology can transform the way you do business.

Information from ERP is suspect.

Data pulled directly from the machine is not.

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